The objects far away may appear more normal than they actually are…

As we go through our days, we interact with, work with, live with people whom we feel we know.  Know them well enough to be ok with that level of knowing and carry on.
Then there are times we get to slow down and get a little closer.  Perhaps it’s idle chit chat.  Or that person takes a chance and shares a personal thought or something of sincere interest.

And as we get closer, reality intrudes.  That normal person I work with, that normal person I live with, that normal person I thought I knew is actually a little… well, interesting… a bit braver… a bit more quirky… kinda weird, but in a good way.

You walk away thinking “Wow, that suit is actually a person…”  “That sweet wife of mine is actually a hell of a business person…”

Sometimes the normal we see is what we put out in front of ourselves.  That normal can mask the uniqueness of others.  The “weirdness” of others if you will.

Take the time, and a breath, to see the weirdness in others.


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