…a thought that crossed my mind today…

“You’ll never know what you didn’t know until you are lost.”  Not sure if that is a quote lodged out of my memory or it just came to me while wandering around at work this evening with a co-worker trying to find a shortcut.  Yet the more I think about it, it’s true.  You never know what you will run into (“Oh, so that’s where that is…”), who you’ll run into (“Hey Joe!  What are you doing over here?”), or knowledge to discover (“How have I never heard that bit of info before?!”).

Have you ever worked on something and it just flowed and worked?  Good times, right?  Great for the confidence.  How about when you’re stuck for solutions, writer’s block, or just bored with your ideas or task?  Frustrating, yes.  And yet, often in those times is when you “find” that new piece of knowledge that serves you well down the road.


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